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03-22-2018 until 04-22-2099
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Vs Threads

Hey guys, we need to talk about Vs Threads:

Naturally, as fans of movie we will often compare films with other ones. It is natural and I am not saying don't make Vs threads. That said, these threads need to have a certain standard. I love debating these topics as much as you guys do. But, all too often recently, these polls are almost being used as a tool to stick the knife further into other fans (and we have been getting complaints). That does have to stop.

Making a Vs thread should create intelligent discourse about the pros and cons of each film and be a place for constructive debate. These threads are not an excuse to make fun of or mock a particular film or rub it into another fanbase. So, when making a Vs thread, they must:

1 - Outline exactly why the films are being compared (please justify the thread in your first post). You should be doing this anyway when making any thread.

2 - Thread must foster intelligent debate. If the threads devolves or serves no other purpose except to say things like DC sucks, long live lord Marvel or alternately, the MCU is garbage long live lord DC, we will close the thread.

3 - Be a like for like comparison. Something like a Avengers vs Justice League thread for example serves only one purpose: rub it into DCEU fans that their films are not as acclaimed as Marvel. Granted, film is a subjective medium, so there will be people who think Justice League is a better film than The Avengers. Fair enough, that is your opinion. But, even opinions being equal, how else do you think such a poll is going to go? Ask yourself this before making a vs thread.

Please adhere to these guidelines with future Vs Threads. They are fun threads, so we encourage them. But, like any thread, they need to serve a point. Otherwise, it borders on trolling.

Thank you for reading

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