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  1. Composer for Spider-Man 4
  2. Spider-Man 4 set for May 6 2011 release
  3. This ain't a Lounge for yer random talk!.....oh wait yes it is
  4. Spider-Man 4 Video Game Thread.
  5. Isn't Tobey Too Old?
  6. Lizard Talk
  7. What happens to Oscorp, Gwen, and Captain Stacy?
  8. Anyone here find this movies villain situation a bit difficult?
  9. Why is all the talk in Spoiler section?
  10. Storyline ideas for the fourth?
  11. Viral Marketing?
  12. Jackie Earle Haley as Cletus Kasady?
  13. Raimi wants Dunst back, hasn't firmly decided on villain(s) yet
  14. Official Villian Casting & Discussion Thread
  15. Could SM4 Be the End
  16. Bruce Campbell
  17. Ideas for "Spider-Man 4" teasers/trailers
  18. Spider-Man 4 Score: Danny Elfman or Christopher Young?
  19. Sam Raimi knew nothing about the Mickey Rourke casting rumour
  20. Raimi Talks Carnage
  21. Raimi: "I have total creative control for Spider-Man 4"
  22. Chocolate Cake Girl
  23. Which Lizard Do You Want?
  24. The Spider-Man 4 Products Thread
  25. Spider-Man 4 Script Due this Summer
  26. The Mary Jane Watson Thread
  27. The Official Spider-Man franchise leading into Spider-Man 4 thread
  28. 'Spider-Man 4' Custom Soundtracks Thread!
  29. A New Formula?
  30. This movie is gonna make A LOT of money!
  31. The Bugle Break Room - A Spider-Lounge!!!
  32. Should Spidey-3 be retconned?
  33. A J.J. Abrams Spider-Man?
  34. Funny (obviously fake) trivia I found on IMDB
  35. Spider-Man 4 in 3D?
  36. In 2 Years...
  37. McFarlane Offers Raimi Some Advice on Venom
  38. Its A Baby Boy! - Congrats to Tobey Maguire
  39. Length?
  40. Only three weeks...
  41. Ireland--One of Spidey 4's Filming Locations....Not
  42. Script-man 4
  43. How about JC for spider-man 4
  44. Raimi talks of SM4
  45. Raimi on past and present
  46. What do you want out of Spider-man 4???
  47. Drag me to hell's effect on Spidey 4?
  48. Vampires in Spider-Man 4
  49. Sony's involvment in SM4?
  50. Spidey guy Raimi says `Dark Knight' has upped ante (AP)
  51. Stan Lee and Bruce Campbell cameos.
  52. Bring back Peter Deming!
  53. Dunst "Definitely on board" Spider-Man 4
  54. ....and Bryce Dallas Howard?
  55. How About Michael Giacchino?
  56. Does Spiderman inevitably end with a wedding?
  57. SM4: spidey, hero or menace?
  58. Turn Kirsten into MJ
  59. David Lindsay-Abaire
  60. Molina Says He's Interested Returning As Ock
  61. Michael Papajohn Returning for Spider-Man 4?
  62. How pissed would you be?
  63. Sony & Paramount Possibly Merging
  64. Comic Con
  65. Script Re-Write
  66. Worst, most annoying suggestions you've heard
  67. Cool Spidey Tricks, Flips, & Shticks You'd Love To See!
  68. Current Time Table?
  69. I Had A Strange Dream...
  70. WTF!? (Pattinson in SM4?)
  71. The Official Spider-Man 4 Anticipation Thread
  72. The Official Spider-Man Fan Art & Manips Thread! 2.0 Rebirth
  73. What I Want To See!
  74. WIll Spidey ever show up in The Avengers?
  75. Say The Kingpin were in Spider-Man 4.
  76. Michael Jackson wanted to make "Spider Man" movie, says Stan Lee
  77. Pete's New Bestfriend
  78. Digital Domain doing effects?
  79. Spider-Sense in SM4
  80. Sony Not Producing "The Spectacular Spider-Man" Anymore !
  81. How About Chameleon?
  82. which spidey power has been given the LEAST justice?
  83. Bruce Campbell: 'Spider-Man 4' News
  84. What Raimi Really Messed Up!
  85. Can Spider-Man 4 fix Spider-Man 3?
  86. Official Black Cat Casting & DIscussion Thread
  87. Tone.
  88. Sam Raimi Plans To Start Shooting Spidey 4 In March
  89. New costume?
  90. What scene would you like to see ???
  91. Dylan Baker returning for Spider-Man 4
  92. What can Spider-Man 4 learn from Iron Man?
  93. Gwen or MJ?
  94. Dafoe On Spider-Man 4 Return--"I Think It's Possible."
  95. Single most IMPORTANT element for SM4
  96. Possible Sypnopsis?
  97. Minor Changes You Want To See
  98. Toddler Boy Being Cast for Spider-Man 4?
  99. Which Storyline Influence?
  100. Daily Bugle. It's Hip!
  101. Test Filming
  102. "I Want To Evolve Peter Parker"
  103. if you could only have ONE, which would you choose?
  104. Get rid of Tobey?
  105. What would YOU like to see Peter evolve into?
  106. Tobey Talks Spider-Man 4
  107. The Vulture and Vulturess???
  108. Sequel or Reboot for Spidey?
  109. Poll: Anne Hathaway to play.....?
  110. Should they adapt the death of Aunt May in this one?
  111. "SPIDER-MAN 4 Production on Indefinite Hold "....NOT!...or Maybe?
  112. Out of the Two Villains?
  113. Danny Elfman On Returning to SM4 "Who Knows?"
  114. I don't think this is a spoiler but here's an idea...
  115. Inspirations from "The Spectacular Spider-Man".
  116. The Offical "We All Love Spider-Man" Thread
  117. The mask needs to be animated in SM4!!
  118. Heavy Spoilers: The Last Set Of Script Notes
  119. "Evolving Peter to the point he is evolved and moved forward...
  120. Character Development
  121. OFFICIAL: John Malkovich is Vulture
  122. The Vulture - his motivations, his goals, etc.
  123. Let's discuss Vulture's look
  124. Sony Rebooting Spider-Man for 2012!!!
  125. Cast the Spider-Man Reboot
  126. What villain or villains would you like to see them kick start the reboot with?
  127. Who Should Direct The Reboot?
  128. What needs to be fixed the second time around?
  129. Can't they do SOMETHING to mix this with Marvel's movieverse?!
  130. The title for the Spider-Man reboot
  131. Characterization Thread
  132. Spider-Man Reboot Costume
  133. The pros and cons of a the reboot
  134. Who else feels sick?
  135. Are You Happy About The Reboot?
  136. Keep the ORGANICS or WEB SHOOTERS???!!!!
  137. Let's Be Realistic. Catman Wants Shia LaBeouf.
  138. J Jonah Jameson in the Reboot
  139. Audiences...
  140. SM4 included "the baby" and "legendarily awful" - AICN
  141. The reboot announcement is the movie equivelent of "One More Day."
  142. Who to Blame?
  143. Mover over Raimi! Time for Jim Cameron to take on Spidey!
  144. No more Imagework please. How about WETA or ILM?
  145. Next 'Spider-Man' film will be a gritty, contemporary reboot of the franchise
  146. Stan Lee's thoughts on the Spider-man Reboot
  147. Moviehole scoops details on both scripts...
  148. Who should compose the score for the reboot?
  149. The Best Thing That Could Be Said About This
  150. in 3D ?
  151. TDK is the REAL reason for the reboot
  152. Could this clash with X-men Origins: First Class?
  153. Reboot Origin of Powers
  154. Sony wants Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen) for Peter Parker
  155. Anything you want to keep the same?
  156. Great Guide / Article from IGN for Reboot
  157. The Gwen Stacy thread
  158. which era of peter's life should sony have gone with?
  159. Lower Your Expectations Now
  160. Comics Pros Weigh in on the Reboot
  161. A kids film?
  162. G Rating or R Rating?
  163. how do you convincingly show the 'spider-sense'?
  164. Should They Use The 90's Spiderman TAS Cartoon As Source Material
  165. Pitch your Spidey wisecracks
  166. Dear Sony Pictures...
  167. Did Spider-Man 4 Die Because Raimi Wanted It To Be Like Avatar?
  168. Tobey and Dunst ?
  169. The Influence of Ultimate Spider-Man on the Reboot
  170. Will People Look At This As The Smallville Version Of Spiderman On The Big Screen
  171. Bendis Wants Fans To Petition Sony To Hire Him To Consult On Reboot
  172. Should Bruce Campbell have a role in the Reboot?
  173. Why Can't Marvel Get the Rights Back for Spidey?
  174. Rebooting Spidey
  175. Aunt May Reboot?
  176. How Old Should Peter Be?
  177. Nolanize the Spider-Man Universe
  178. This time should the Green Goblin physically transform or suit up in costume?
  179. Jim Sturgess Offered Spider-Man?
  180. The Official Marc Webb Thread
  181. Speaking of Spider-Man and rebooting...
  182. Spidey Reboot: the Next Ang Lee's Hulk?
  183. The Web of Spider-Man: Peter's Circle of friends, family, and well wishers
  184. Technical Question on Contractual Issues
  185. Opening fighting scene every movie like James Bond movies
  186. Franco and Dunst Comment on the Spider-Man Reboot
  187. Clive Owen audtioning for Kraven The Hunter?
  188. Actor's physique/Spider-Man's build
  189. Songs for the new franchise
  190. The reboot movie will be the first of how many?
  191. So the budget for the reboot is 80 million dollars?
  192. Peter Parents?
  193. Spidey body language
  194. RUMOR: Zac Efron as new Peter Parker/Spider-Man???
  195. Norman Osborn Casting Thread
  196. Percy Jackson's Logan Lerman in Early Talks for Spider-Man
  197. Too Soon!?
  198. Flash Thompson
  199. Something very important for SONY
  200. Can High School and Serious Go Together?
  201. I don't want the new Spider-Man film to be in 3D
  202. The Runtime Thread
  203. Otto Octavius Casting Thread
  204. The Spider-Man reboot caption thread
  205. Spidey's origin story
  206. wise cracks; the breaking of drama?
  207. What should the story be???
  208. Spider Tracers or the Spider Signal?
  209. Which Incarnation of Spider-Man?
  210. Villains Casting
  211. Bendis Breaks His Silence On The Spider-Man Reboot!
  212. A warning for Sony and Webb
  213. Trailer Ideas
  214. If reboot went in a differnet direction
  215. A fan's rage
  216. Stan Lee talks Spider-Man Reboot and Iron Man 2 Cameo
  217. Should the Reboot (Sequels) deal with the Death of Aunt May?
  218. Spider-Man Reboot Tagline
  219. What should the poster look like?
  220. Peter Parker cast as Spider-Man (article)
  221. Josh Hutcherson Is Another Candidate For Spider-Man
  222. Ultimate Spiderman Cartoon Coming
  223. Are there any characters you DON'T want to see again?
  224. spider-man/peter parker casting sweepstake
  225. How about an ultimate spider-man movie spin-off?
  226. I don't know what troubles me more...
  227. Spiderman Movie News: Peter Parker Is Gonna Smell Different
  228. The Box Office Thread
  229. the spider vs the bat
  230. Why Does Marvel Hate NYU
  231. This movie NEEDS the real spider-man
  232. My Official "What If?" Thread
  233. Casting Call?
  234. your personal wish list top 10
  235. The VFX thread...
  236. Spidey's skills - perfect or a work in progress?
  237. Script getting a rewrite
  238. Witty Banter ?
  239. Which of spidey's allies should be in the movie?
  240. spider-man's mask during dialogue
  241. What if the new movie was CGI?
  242. How should Spidey fit into the Marvel plan?
  243. I hope Mark Webb can deliver spectacular imagery.
  244. Budget - $80.000.000
  245. Five new candidates emerge for Peter Parker
  246. Would you ever want to see Madame Web in this or future movies?
  247. Donald Glover wants to be Spider-Man
  248. Which Aunt May should be in Spidey Reboot?
  249. New spidey logo and title! Right?
  250. VOTE! Who do you want for Spidey?