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Penguin022 12-26-2014 01:01 PM

The Werewolf Game
Turns out I put this in the wrong board last time. Hopefully that one will get deleted.

This is pretty much a version of mafia.

In The Werewolf Game, there are two teams. The wolves and the humans. There will be significantly fewer wolves. TWG is split into Nights and Days. In Nights, the wolves can kill one of the humans. At Day, everyone votes to lynch/kill someone, usually someone who is acting suspicious. To vote, one would type 'Lynch: ---'. The person with the most votes gets eliminated. After Night, it becomes Day. After Day, it becomes Night. Games usually start at Night, but they can start at Day as well. Nights and Days are numbered (Night 1, Day 1, Night 2, Day 2, Night 3 etc). The humans win when all of the wolves are dead. The wolves win when the number of humans equals or is smaller than the number of wolves.

Human -
Basically, a Human votes and does strategy. They vote for who they think is suspicious, and they should attempt to band together to form an alliance.
There are two Millers. They know who each other are but aside from that they are humans.

Disguised Wolf - Comes up as in green in seer checks, but is a wolf.
Seer -
Every night, the Seer asks the Host the colour of someone in the game. The host will reply. For example, Humans are green and Wolves are red.
Guardian - Can protect someone from being wolfed each night. If the wolves attack the protected user, that user is not killed.

Wolf - An ordinary wolf, no special powers.
Brutal Wolf - When lynched, someone of the brutal wolf's choice dies too.
Mason - The mason is told to be a human, but comes up as red in seer checks.

If you would like to play the game, sign-up below. Feel free to ask any questions.

Host: Penguin022

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