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AnorexicBatman 07-27-2008 09:54 PM

SuperMan Or How AnorexicBatman Would Do A Reboot
Name Of The Movie: Superboy. A thematic consideration. At the start of the film, Clark is not the Superman we all know and love, he still has much to learn. It has the same meaning as "Batman Begins"

The Theme: Coming of Age/Responsibilities/Duty

The Man: In today's world, no one is really a goody two shoes. Similarly, Clark though well behaved and polite, has little tolerance for bullies and crime in general, so when he is defending the city as Superman, he's bit of a dick. But he learns

The Powers: The main thing I would alter is his invulnerability, instead being invincible outright, he would have more of a Hulk style high tolerance. Bullets still bounce off but a tank cannon to the face could knock him out cold. Also, slight decrease in strength, after soaking up some solar energy in lower earth orbit, he's at his maximum and can throw an M1 Abrams tank several miles with only one hand. Hopefully, that gives you some idea, lame as it is

The Suit: The ship that Supes came in also holds a large amount of data on the Kryptonian home world that only he can access using a visual interface. He gets the idea for his suit from a style of Armour that Kryptonian Elite soldiers wore sans the cape. The cape was his Earth Mother's idea.

Fortress Of Solitude: No bloody crystals, he finds a large cavern beneath the arctic (yes north pole) ice and shapes it to his liking. I would personally have loved to seen TAS style statues of Jor-El and Lara holding up the planet Krypton.

PS: Did anyone feel that Jor-El was bit of a snob in the Donner films?


First of all the movie would start in media res showing a scene in the streets of a very high tech (think TAS) Metropolis, we see a large red blur that seems to drag a line into the asphalt and it smashes against a group of cars. The camera slows pans close, up a familiar looking blue and red costume and rests at Clark's battered face. In the rear view mirror of a car, we see a metallic figure walking towards him.

We then hear a faint echo, as the screen fades in, "Say cheese!"
Apparently it's graduation day at Clark's college in Smallville. It all seems so long ago A girl comes up and gives Clark a friendly hug. This is Lana Lang, an old friend. She congratulates him and mentions how she got a job in Metropolis of all places working in the STAR Labs research facility.
Clark contemplates doing something similar


TruerToTheCore 07-29-2008 05:34 AM

Re: Super*Fking*Man Or How AnorexicBatman Would Do A Reboot

AnorexicBatman 07-29-2008 07:59 AM

Re: SuperMan Or How AnorexicBatman Would Do A Reboot
What no?
This is my idea!
No? Please explain!

TruerToTheCore 07-29-2008 12:18 PM

Re: SuperMan Or How AnorexicBatman Would Do A Reboot
Superman should not be that weak.
Superman should not be a dick.
Simple as that. And his real persona must be "SUPERMAN"

AnorexicBatman 07-29-2008 11:29 PM

Re: SuperMan Or How AnorexicBatman Would Do A Reboot
He's not weak!
Jeez! A guy who can shrug off a tank cannon is weak?

He's not a dick, but acts like a bully towards criminals until a certain someone makes him understand the difference between him and criminals in general

His real persona must be superman?
WTF is that supposed to be mean?
Are you dense? Of course Kent is a disguise!

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