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Squidboy 06-10-2010 09:00 PM

X-Men 1994 - What the Franchise Could've Been
Recent talk of scenes cut from the X2: X-Men United script sent me on a journey to find the four X-Men movie scripts and see for myself what I was missing out. I have yet to find the X2 script (or The Last Stand for that matter), but I did stumble upon the proposed script for Andrew Kevin Walker's version of the movie and read through it pretty quickly.

I won't ruin the plot for those who never knew of its existence and would like to read it, but it's definitely a much different machine than the movie we got. And aside from one single line
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
"they'll have you in chains with a number burned in your forehead"
, the script seems to have been completely scrapped when the next writers came along. I'm not sure how I feel about the script, but I kinda wish it had been made just so I can see how it would have been handled; I mean, trading the leather suits for body armor and throwing in cheesy one-liners in every scene make it seem like it would be in the same ballpark as the hordes of 90's movies I used to love (Batman Forever, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Spawn, to name a few).

What say ye, if anyone has read the script before or they're willing to read it now, how does this script hold up to Bryan Singer's film in your eyes? Would the movie have worked as the script is? Were we better off never knowing this thing existed?

AndrewGilkison 06-14-2010 12:02 AM

Re: X-Men 1994 - What the Franchise Could've Been

Here is a link to the X2 script.

As for that AKW script, it would've taken a LOT of money to film it as is, especially in the mid-90s.

AndrewGilkison 06-14-2010 12:07 AM

Re: X-Men 1994 - What the Franchise Could've Been
*double post*

Squidboy 06-14-2010 01:36 PM

Re: X-Men 1994 - What the Franchise Could've Been

Originally Posted by AndrewGilkison (Post 18429284)

Here is a link to the X2 script.

As for that AKW script, it would've taken a LOT of money to film it as is, especially in the mid-90s.

You have no idea how happy you've just made me - I was going out of my mind looking for that, thanks a lot.

And I guess considering Marvel was bankrupt around that time (or leading to bankruptcy one holographic cover at a time), it would be very hard to not only secure this project, but to pay enough money for all the characters they used in that script. A full functional original five X-Men, Wolverine, the Brotherhood, Sentinels - that would certainly run up the price. It's times like theses when I wish that Marvel would turn these kinds of scripts over to their animators, so we could at least see a cartoon version of this and Bryan Singer's vision for X-Men 3, because I'm grateful for the movies we have already, but wish I could see what the alternatives would have been like.

protocida 01-26-2011 07:34 PM

Re: X-Men 1994 - What the Franchise Could've Been
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
New York City. The Mutant Registration Act created by Senator Chester is approved by the Senate and put into action by CIA agent Peter Gyrich. The mutants captured by him are taken to the Compound, a secret military facility where they are studied by Dr. Bolivar Trask, who intents to use their blood to create an army of supersoldiers for the american government.

Canada. Logan AKA "Wolverine", a secret agent of Department H, prevents a mobster from selling a lethal biological weapon to terrorists. Following this, he tells his superior, James Hudson, that he'll be taking a leave of absense to try finding answers about his past, which he can't remember. All that he knows is that he was found by Department H living in the canadian wilderness, among a pack of wolfes, six years prior.

Kansas. Fred Dukes AKA "Blob", the main attraction of a circus' freak show, is approached by two governmental agents who intent to arrest him. He is saved by Erik Lensherr AKA "Magneto", Victor Creed AKA "Sabretooth" and Mortimer Toymbee AKA "Toad" and joins Magneto's Brotherhood of Mutants. Sabretooth, Toad and Blob then attack the undergroun mutant prison The Vault, in Ryker's Island, and free Cain Marko AKA "Juggernaut". On their way out, they're surprised by the arrival of the X-Men - Scott Summers AKA "Cyclops", Jean Grey AKA "Marvel Girl", Bobby Drake AKA "Iceman", Hank McCoy AKA "Beast" and Warren Worthington III AKA "Angel". They fight, but the X-Men lose and return to their headquarters, Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, where they meet their leader, Professor Charles Xavier, who claims to have a mission for Cyclops and Jean.

They travel to Wolverine's cabin in Canada to invite him to join the X-Men, as Xavier knows that Magneto will extent the same offer. Wolverine refuses and they leave. Later on, he receives a letter from Sabretooth, inviting him to meet at Niagara Falls. Sabretooth was once Wolverine's partner, but, one day, he decided to kill Wolverine's girlfriend, Blackfoot indian Kayla Silverfox, and they became enemies ever since.

At a restaurant, they meet and Sabretooth offers Wolverine a place in the Brotherhood. He refuses and they fight. Wolverine loses and is thrown into the Niagara Falls, but survives and makes his way to the X-Mansion in order to join the X-Men and get revenge against Sabretooth. Meanwhile, Blob and Toad ambush Senator Chester's airplane and make it crash-land in the woods, killing him. Gyrich is called to investigate the attack.

Wolverine is introduced to the X-men, strikes a rivalry with Cyclops, is attracted by Jean Grey and befriends Iceman. He participates of training sessions in the Danger Room and Professor Xavier and Jean one day read his mind. They discover that he was a agent of the canadian government that was kidnapped by Department H and went trough Adamantium skeleton coating at the Weapon-X program created by Hudson. To make things worse, the very few memories Wolverine has of his life before being "found" by Department H turn out to be memory implants. He's furious.

Shortly thereafter, Xavier and Beast go to the city to investigate a terrorist attack that Xavier knows was made by Magneto. The X-Men are, at this point, oblivious to his existence. There, they are ambushed by Gyrich, who captures Beast and takes him to the Compound. Meanwhile, Xavier is found by Magneto and taken to the torch of the Statue of Liberty, where he is told that Magneto will soon turn New York into "the land of tolerance" once more. Xavier is left alone and, after making his way back to the mansion, he tells the X-Men about Magneto and the Brotherhood and gives Angel a tracking device that can locate Magneto.

Angel uses it and locates the Brotherhood's headquarters. However, feeling overshadowed after Xavier told him that he's not useful in a fight for being only capable of flying, Angel tries to aprehend the Brotherhood alone after sending the other X-Men a signal and is overpowered by Sabretooth, who rips his wings off. The X-Men find him and take him back to the mansion. Meanwhile, Beast escapes the Compound and also makes his way to the Mansion only to discover that there's a tracking device in his should.

Gyrich and Trask circle the area alongside soldiers. Three Sentinels created by Trask attack the mansion. Xavier destroys one with the mansion's defensive system, Iceman destroys the other with a ice spear to the head and Wolverine and Cyclops double-team to destroy the last one while Beast cares for Jean, who was wounded in a explosion. Gyrich and his men are rounded up by Xavier, who wipes their minds of the Mansion's location and the X-Men's identities and leave them in a truck stop in New Jersey.

Meanwhile, the Brotherhood acts. They flood the tunnels of the city with water, block the subway lines, set all the tunnels on fire and destroy most of the bridges. Magneto announces that New York now belongs to mutants and mutants only. All human beings must leave in seven days. All mutants are welcome. They won't strike other cities if other cities don't strike at them. The human exodus begins.

The X-Men see the news, enter the X-chopper and head to New York City. Xavier stays behind caring for Angel. They land outside the Chrysler Building, where Magneto lives. The Brotherhood confronts them. Magneto uses his powers to convoke a storm to sharp metallic objects upon the X-Men, who take cover in the sewers and split. Beast and Toad fight. Jean steps in and knocks Toad out. Blob and Iceman fight. Blob is defeated and left in a ice block. Wolverine and Sabretooth fight. Sabretooth is zapped by eletricity and escapes, with Wolverine in pursuit. Cyclops fights Juggernaut and Magneto, but is overpowered and the X-Men arrive to help him. Working together, they take out Juggernaut, but are overpowered by Magneto. Wolverine decides to let Sabretooth go for the moment and help the X-Men. He wounds Magneto. The X-Men combine their powers, lauching all they have against Magneto and knocking him out. The Brotherhood is defeated.

Magneto, Juggernaut, Toad and Blob are left for the military to find and arrest. However, Gyrich and Trask still claim to the public that the X-Men were aiding the Brotherhood and that a combined military effort allowed Magneto and his minions to be captured. At the X-Mansion, The X-Men celebrate their victory. Angel is awaken and recovering, but his wings won't grow back.

After dinner, Wolverine says goodbye to the X-Men. Him and Cyclops are friends. Jean is also very fond of him as a brother. He says that after he's done with Sabretooth, Hudson and Department H, he'll return. They promise the wait. And thus, Wolverine leaves as the X-Men look on.

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