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Son of Coul 10-12-2009 10:54 AM

Re: Ed Norton

Originally Posted by The Ace of Knaves (Post 17593701)
They disagreed one some things in the script as well, as mentioned above about the opening sequence for example. Norton also re wrote some of it didn't he?

And of course Letterier would say that. IF there was something wrong he wouldn't come out and say it would he?

He wasn't disagreeing with them on the script, Letterier and Norotn discussed their concerns together before he signed on and agreed he'd do a rewrite of the script, including a lot of things like toning down SHIELD's presence, incorporating the super soldier element into the story, taking out Rick Jones and adding in Samson, the whole flower scene in the beginning where he attempts to create a cure and added discussions through the chat with Mr. Blue.

Letterier would say that, but according to him the day after the argument Norton approached him with the article about it, saying, "Hey, wanna laugh?" to which Letterier responded, "Oh ****." That sounds like a pretty light-hearted comment to make after how big a blowout it sounded like in said article.

Brian Braddock 10-12-2009 11:06 AM

Re: Ed Norton

Originally Posted by HappyPalooza (Post 17593699)


Chewy 01-27-2010 01:57 PM

Re: Ed Norton

When MTV News previously spoke with "Incredible Hulk" director Louis Leterrier, he expressed some concerns about rumors that Bruce Banner's brutish alter ego could be the villain in Marvel's superhero team-up film, "The Avengers." However, the biggest question mark involving the green goliath could be the return of the film's star, Edward Norton.

While Norton has said he likes the idea of Hulk being the threat that unites Iron Man, Thor and Captain America, he's been far less vocal about the likelihood that he'll reprise his role as Bruce Banner.

That's why, when we had the chance to chat with Leterrier about Hulk's big-screen future, we had to ask his opinion on what it would take to bring Norton back for another adventure as Bruce Banner.

"It depends," Leterrier told MTV News. "It's not a Marvel/Edward thing, it would be really be about, well... We told the story of the fugitive, what's the next step in the story?"

"It can't just be 'Don't make me angry, you wouldn't like me when I'm angry,'" he explained. "That would be a problem if you do the same thing over and over again. Edward's never done the same movie twice, so I don't think he would do that."

So now that we know what won't bring Norton back, what about the sort of movie that will see Norton returning to the Marvel movie-verse?

"If you find something interesting — yeah, I'm sure he would [be back]," said Leterrier. "He's a fanboy. He's as big a fanboy as you and me, maybe even more."

However, Leterrier said he wasn't exactly optimistic about getting the chance to make another "Hulk" movie — so a return in "Avengers" could be the next time we'll see the character.

"The box office [for 'Incredible Hulk'] was great, but it wasn't so big that you had to make a sequel," he said.

Rock Sexton 01-27-2010 02:29 PM

Re: Ed Norton
I don't see how Edward Norton says no to The Avengers. I mean we're talking about near moving making history putting all these iconic comic book characters together.

Bruce Banner 01-27-2010 06:39 PM

Re: Ed Norton

Originally Posted by Rock Sexton (Post 17995655)
I don't see how Edward Norton says no to The Avengers. I mean we're talking about near moving making history putting all these iconic comic book characters together.

He's just not jumping into things until he sees a script. Once that happens we'll probably here more news.

FaT_tONle 01-28-2010 06:44 PM

Re: Ed Norton
One major delay in production, be it budget or script problems or anything else for that matter, will significantly derail his chances of returning. They just need to have a perfect script before they pitch anything. Otherwise we may have another SM4 on our hands.

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