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Fantasyartist 08-22-2009 05:20 PM

Armor wars II
I've just seen the first installment of Armor Wars II( a four part miniseries). I'm not certain what the rationale for it is( The original one had IM going around the MU neutralizing various armored foes whose suits had been developed from Stark technology pirated by Justin Hammer). Firstly Tony( without even putting on his IM armor) vanquishes the Crimson Dynamo with ludicrous ease(by using a fire extinguisher of all things). C'mon, the Dynamo was created to be as powerful as Iron Man himself( secondly that type of armor hasn't been used by the CD since the 1980s!).


RealIrOnMaN 08-23-2009 01:21 PM

Re: Armor wars II
Actually, it's not the second AW, it's Marvel Adventures Continuity one and it sucks badly. Don't read it man, trust me - IT ISN'T WORTH IT!

The real Armor Wars II started in the 1990 by the very good writer - John Byrne. It is not as good as the original Micheline one, but not bad at all. It has the art by mighty John Romita Jr., which is great - 'cause I love the Neo-Classic Armor and the further upgrade + Tony with the long hair is just awesome (forever fan of the IM Season 2...)

I recommend this second Armor Wars saga (Iron Man v1 258#-266) to you as a qualified IM fan. You'll definitely like it + it's conclusion Assault on the Armor City (Darkhawk Annual #01-Avengers West Coast Annual 07-Iron Man Annual v1 13).

Have a good time reading those things. These are classic man...

Keyser Soze 08-23-2009 02:57 PM

Re: Armor wars II
I dunno, I kinda enjoyed this new Armor Wars for the lightweight fluff it was...

RealIrOnMaN 08-23-2009 03:01 PM

Re: Armor wars II

Originally Posted by Keyser Soze (Post 17374458)
I dunno, I kinda enjoyed this new Armor Wars for the lightweight fluff it was...

I don't know man, kinda dissapointed in the series. The art is baad, like reaaallyy bad + the storyline is far from awesome or even average and
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
the Red Barbarian
sucked ass for real.

But I really hope, that the IM vs. Whiplash mini will be thousand times better, than this crap + it's in 616 MU, not in the MA one.

Ironfan72 08-24-2009 08:13 AM

Re: Armor wars II
I picked it up and was disappointed as well, guess I wasn't sure what to expect to be honest, based off what i was seeing they are using a old armor from the late 80's.
I am however excited about Ultimate Armor Wars, I would be interested in seeing how Ultimate Tony handles things as opposed to the 616 version.

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