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ron bond 007 01-16-2011 05:03 PM

Will the Rigellians appear in the Thor sequels?
I think it would be fun if the Rigellians from the Thor Comics of the 60's/70's appear in a future Thor sequel. It would be awesome to see Thor have adventures in the far reaches of the galaxy or in other galaxies with the Rigellians.
In fact it would be awesome if there were a Thor sequel based on a Thor comic book story arc from 1973 featured in issues 218-220 where Thor and the Rigellians battle the five Black Stars which are 5 runaway killer planets from another galaxy orbited by a rogue star that can travel intergalactic distances through space warps and can conquer whole galaxies and entire planets. The Black Stars are controlled by an integalactic race called the Rhunnians who are from an unknown galaxy. That would make an awesome Thor sequel movie in the future.


WarBlade 01-17-2011 03:30 AM

Re: Will the Rigellians appear in the Thor sequels?
Your idea needs one more thing to make it really cool: Ewoks.

Diamondhead 01-18-2011 04:50 PM

Re: Will the Rigellians appear in the Thor sequels?
It would look too much science fiction with the so called Rigellians

What i'd like to see if there's to be any sequel is guys like Firelord or Hercules ...

for the time being i'm more concerned with what they're going to do with the "actual movie"
for example ...I would like to see thor handling his hammer mjolnir almost like Bruce lee could handle a nunchaku
he has to be very agile with it and able to control it from afar and not stading there like
a caveman holding to a big piece of "massue"
because throwing mjolnir could do lots of damage like craking the jaw bones of some ordinary bad guy in its flight ,can you imagine that in slow motion, it would be too savage in a real life motion picture
Thor has to be able to control the force of his hammer from afar,
and no glowing of the hammer either in order to take flight, this is not a neverland peter pan movie.

ron bond 007 01-18-2011 09:03 PM

Re: Will the Rigellians appear in the Thor sequels?
What's wrong with the Rigellians appearing in sequels to Thor??!! Isn't Thor science fiction or science fantasy??! The same level of sci-fi-fantasy & mythology as.........STAR WARS???!!! I think it would sell billions of movie tickets if Thor went to the farthest reaches of the galaxy in his wooden-cliipperlike starship the STARJAMMER and teamed up with the Rigellians and took on some major galactic threats like the 5 Black Stars(Intergalactic Runnians),Xorr the God-Jewel, Ego the Living Planet,the Black Galaxy,the Celestials and even Galactus!

Here's hoping THOR and the Rigellians will team up travelling to the far reaches of space in THOR II coming 2013 or 2014?


TheCorpulent1 01-20-2011 08:11 AM

Re: Will the Rigellians appear in the Thor sequels?
I'm cool with the Rigellians. I think Marvel would want to focus on more of a mythological/fantasy tone, though.

Diamondhead 01-20-2011 01:23 PM

Re: Will the Rigellians appear in the Thor sequels?
wooden-cliipperlike starship the STARJAMMER !???
I know what you are taking about but this isn't a peter pan comic book movie for retarted kids on ritalin
and adding big head ETs will only make matters worst
this movie has to be between eartling and asgardians for the time being otherwise people will be lost.

ron bond 007 01-21-2011 02:07 AM

Re: Will the Rigellians appear in the Thor sequels?
but what about sequels? Thor teaming with the Rigellians against the Black Stars,Black Galaxy,Galactus,the Celestials and Ego the Living Planet in sequels would sell billions of dollars in movie tickets like the original Star Wars trilogy from 1977-1983. The Rigellians don't have be in this current movie but a sequel or more sequels Thor should definitely team with the Rigellians. A Lot of Star Wars fans like me and fans of Thor issues 131-134 from 1966 or 160-162 from 1969 or even 218-220 from 1973-1974 would camp out for front two tickets to such a potential sequel with Rigellians kicking ass in their starships and Thor against the Black Stars,Galactus & Ego the Living Planet!

ron bond 007 01-31-2011 09:13 PM

Re: Will the Rigellians appear in the Thor sequels?
What intereted me in Thor is his adventures across the cosmos and having the 5 black stars,Galactus & Ego the living planet in a future sequel would make an awesome movie. I'd also like to see Thor travel to the Andromeda Galaxy and take on a Skrull fleet of warships and starfighters. That would also make an awesome space opera comic book film.

Personally I think Thor issues 218-220 from 1973-1974 where Thor is in deep space and teams up with the Rigellians and battles the Rhunians and the 5 black stars would serve as the basis for a future Thor sequel.

ron bond 007 03-01-2011 01:28 AM

Re: Will the Rigellians appear in the Thor sequels?
How about have the Rigellians appear in a third Thor film if the Thor movie franchise will be a trilogy. Have Thor venture into the cosmos and distant galaxies and encouter the Rigellians and battle Galactus,the Celestials,Xorr the Giant Jewel,Ego the Living Planet,Thanos or the Rhunians and the 5 black stars. It would still make an awesome movie if Thor went into deep space and battle enemies like the Celestials,Thanos,Rhunians(5 Black stars)Ego the Living Planet,Xorr the Giant Jewel or even Galactus and have the Rigellians especially the recorder as his sidekicks. It would be like the original Star Wars trilogy only 10 times better.

WildcatNC 03-01-2011 01:37 AM

Re: Will the Rigellians appear in the Thor sequels?
This is best left to cartoon fodder.

A good idea for an animated movie or something, but not a live-action movie.

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