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OP84CC82 01-26-2012 02:17 PM

"Earth-based" Transformers reboot
I wanted to ask people a question like this for a long time. This is essentially a challenge where you have to come up with ideas for a Transformers reboot, but based on Earth. A film set entirely on Cybertron probably won't happen since it'd be WAY too expensive. But here is what I want from you guys, try and come up with ideas for a Transformers reboot but keep it realistic and suited to Hasbro's needs. You'll probably need to keep Bumblebee in the film since he's probably the most recognizable Transformer right now to non-TF fans. You can have military characters but still keep your main characters teenagers. I would personally combine human characters from the original trilogy that weren't in G1 (Judy, Mikaela, Leo, Simmons, Epps, Lennox, Mearing, Dutch, and Galloway) with characters from G1 (Chip Chase and Doctor Arkeville), Animated characters (Sari, Isaac, and Fanzone), and Prime characters (Jack, Raf, Miko, and Fowler).

s-down 03-28-2014 06:11 PM

Re: "Earth-based" Transformers reboot
can i add a new team to the mix? because if i can i would add PROJECT S.I.N. (sanctuary in nomad) group a group of veteran autobots and decepticons who work together in a small black opp style for hire group. that tries to collect their earnings to buy their own territory.
you never know where they are

Jochimus 03-28-2014 07:08 PM

Re: "Earth-based" Transformers reboot
Roughly, the basis for the poster I'd use (cover of the recent pop-up book):

I've already posted elsewhere what I'd do, pretty much. But I do know where I'd take the sequels:
2nd movie: The Obligatorily-Dark Second Act. Optimus Prime is arrested by Ultra Magnus and put on trial in an Autobot/Decepticon kangaroo court for supposed war crimes, just as Lazarus and his new movement decide to go into action for the greater good of humankind, using their misappropriated Cybertronian technology and a virus created from hacking into the remnants of Starscream's brain, with which they turn a few random Cybertronians into snarling savages in a Lazarus-staged effort to turn public opinion against the Autobots. But the virus gets out of control, infecting Autobot, Decepticon AND tech-outfitted human, after the defeat and general purge of the Sweeps in the first movie causes folks to gradually embrace technology again, enabling the virus to infect anyone who's so much as groovin' to their iPod, techno-zombify the occupancy of emergency response vehicles...and indeed even turn Lazarus' own self-styled "heroes" into murderous monsters in powered armor. The resulting nightmare forces Optimus, Magnus and Galvatron to team up in a standoff which ends with Optimus using the Matrix to purify the the cost of his own spark. (Basically a combination of Dreamwave's first two G1 arcs, with Starscream's Ghost and the Hate Plague from the cartoon combined into one concept)
3rd movie: Magnus is now the de facto commander of the Autobots, but his complete lack of experience with the now-hysterical human race only serves to get him blasted to near-death...a complication enough without a race of Gigeresque five-faced aliens called the Quintessons arriving on Earth promising to purge the Cybertronian influences on it in exchange for nothing more complex than a few archaeological resources. Despite their bizarre countenances, the Quints prove their weight in gold just enough to become media darlings even though Verity isn't entirely sold on this pretense. Which is just as well, as the situation crumbles even further when she discovers why exactly the Quints have REALLY come to Earth: to convert it into a cyberformed vessel for the limbo-entrapped spirit of their "Master", and turn the human race into techno-organic labor AND larder. With the Matrix now extinguished, Optimus dead, Magnus out of action, the Decepticons looking out only for themselves and humankind completely debilitated by global in-fighting in the face of Lazarus' imploded schemes, who can lead the Autobots in their darkest hour? Here's a hint: he's yellow with black stripes... (Shades of G1's "The Key To Vector Sigma" and the '86 movie, with some of the more recent comic/cartoon plot threads worked in)

OP84CC82 07-06-2014 03:31 PM

Re: "Earth-based" Transformers reboot
Why is it that I look back on a lot of the old threads I started when I was in middle school and want to go back in time and punch myself in the face real good? Cause in the past 2 years I've actually formed a legitimate reason why I personally wouldn't want to do a "Cybertron-based" Transformers film if I were a film director (something I am working on becoming btw) and that reason is that I wouldn't want to spend most of the time at animators desks watching them work and telling them what to do or having to direct guys in leotards with dots on their face.

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