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IronGirl299 02-01-2012 03:27 AM

Okay, seriously--what's canon?
So apparently they rebooted Iron Man back in Extremis, 'mirite?
And they're saying Iron Man was involved in the Gulf War and NOT in Vietnam, thus making him younger and dealing with current issues.
Now begins the confusion--what is canon? With this reboot, are we all supposed to forget that Heroes Reborn ever happened? (I wouldn't mind.) But which adventures exactly did occur in this new run? Has he already revealed his identity to the world? Has he already become Secretary of Defense? And if a character appeared before the reboot, does he/she have to appear AGAIN even if their origin was already explained?

This should probably go in the Stupid Questions thread, but it involves only Iron Man, and I'd appreciate it if someone helped clear things up.

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