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Hypestyle 07-29-2012 11:41 PM

Tony Stark: My Dinner with Bruce
Say there were a fan fiction film, featuring a non-action based, strictly dialogue, dinner and conversation between Bruce Wayne (bale, nolan films) and Tony Stark (downey, favreau/whedon films.) Maybe these guys meet once a year to catch up..

what would they talk about? what would be their views on crime prevention; gadgets, arms and weaponry; fine wine; fine women; running a tech corporation; secret vs. public identities; dealing with government forces; taking on sidekicks/allies; real butler vs. computer butler, renting out stadiums for movie screenings, etc.

"Bruce, I'm telling you man, you should just own it and come clean, like I did.. it's just so much better for your inner chi, no more existential angst, no more expensive therapist.. unless it's a hot, female therapist.. do you have a hot therapist?"

what type of humor and insight could come from this, it could be interesting, to see both actors picking each others heads with improvisation..

Baneis8feettall 08-04-2012 09:05 AM

Re: Tony Stark: My Dinner with Bruce
Bruce Wayne would play his "Playboy" persona. Tony Stark is a playboy already. It would be hilarious scene. Something like this :

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