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Batmannerism 08-11-2013 06:21 AM

Benedict Cumberbatch as Braniac !
Hi People, hopefully you loved MOS as much as I did.
Anyway, great villains come from great casting and great writing.

Currently, I think the best actor for cerebral roles is Benedict Cumberbatch,
(for those of you who've seen Sherlock, imagine an evil version of that
character). The guy can do menacing and sinister ( e.g. ST Into Darkness)
and project enormous intellect at the same time.
And then there's the voice ! if it's good enough for Smaug (the most famous
fictional dragon of all time) it can certainly do the most evil intellect in the

Plus we know from Star Trek, he can get physical as well.

Not sure what the Goyer/Snyder/Nolan version of the character will look like,
(the green humanoid, or the terminator esque robot), but whichever look they adopt, Cumberbatch has got everything the character needs to work on the
big screen.

The tricky thing about Braniac is that he is a completely unsympathetic character, even Zod had a terrible (but understandable purpose). Ledger
showed us that you can have a totally irredeemable villain, and make it
I reckon Cumberbatch could pull it off.

Finally, the name. Nolan and Goyer were smart enough to only use
Superman peripherally in MOS, even Lois calls him Clark. Braniac sounds a bit silly, so they'd have to work it in with some indirect mention.

Mind you, the whole city in a bottle thing, could be interesting on the big
screen- (probably not actually putting a city in a bottle, but maybe a force-field around Smallville or something like that.

Any thoughts about his origin. Maybe a computer program from the crashed Krypton scoutship uploads into an Earth mainframe, and into somebody's brain (if Jor El could download his consciousness into the command key why not, we know Krypton tech is capable of similar personality downloads). Also, Nolan/Goyer like to re-use elements of previous films, to add continuity.

One of the things that weakens Superman stories is the constant stream of
new and nasty aliens that keep showing up to give him a hard time.
Using krypton tech would fit in with the already established elements of the story.

Thoughts people ? I got onto crazy rambles half way thru this post, sorry about that. Peace.

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