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Spider-Cross 03-28-2014 11:25 AM

Best Specified Cast for Iron Man 4 and How it will be more Fun
With Iron Man 4 just on the horizon for 2018 or later due to conflicting rumors regarding Avengers 3 and what other movies are yet to be announced, Kevin Feige is planning to make it a non Iron Man comic based film with Tony Stark aka Iron Man going James Bond, and he is sure enough to have just the right kind of characters and cast members set to make the film go into place, while the plot will be decided by the crew at Marvel Studios, here is the best specified cast for the James Bond inspired Iron Man 4

Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man

Billionare philanthropist and armored avenger who is yet to expand his superhero life as a spy working against terrorist organizations like the Ten Rings and while Robert Downey Jr is on debate to reprising his role as Iron Man for the 4th film, hope has it that he will take on the real Mandarin in this film. If Downey however doesn't sign up for Iron Man 4, then someone like Mark Wahlberg is gonna have to replace him as the new Tony Stark because we all want to see the hero take on his real arch enemy in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and we don't want any of the character to be denied.

Sean Penn as Mandarin (Real Mandarin of the Ten Rings)

While his real name is still a mystery, the Mandarin of the Ten Rings who is yet to be confirmed accurately and properly with ten magic rings of an alternate power source that deviates from the comics in Iron Man 4. While on the subject to try without the chinese stereotypes, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige will make sure that the character uses magic rings this time because last time when he chose to deny the rings and rip the fans off with Extremis powered Aldrich Killian, he totally made problems very irritating and worst. So now thanks to the one shot titled All Hail the King for having Killian debunked from being the MCU version of the Mandarin and that the character's true MCU version, the leader of the Ten Rings is still live and at large , hopefully he will have the Mandarin properly reintroduced as the magic ring blaster we totally favor so much for the fourth Iron Man film and when he does, the best actor that would fit the role as Tony's true arch enemy Mandarin without the chinese stereotypes is Sean Penn. Sean Penn may not be chinese or from the Middle East, but what suits him for the role as the characters proper Marvel Cinematic Version is not only does his facial image ressemble the Mandarin in the comics but he also resembles Ben Kingsley and his voice sounds just like the Mandarin in the first half of Iron Man 3 which would help show a supporting reason to why Aldrich Killian had Trevor Slattery created as the Mandarin we saw in Iron Man 3 and because Sean is 17 years younger than Kingsley, he should be capable of putting up a real good fight against Downey but surely if they do reintroduce the Mandarin properly with 10 magic rings this time for the James Bond plot inspired fourth film, there are sure to be plenty of steps that Kevin Feige and the Marvel Studios will be sure to take in order for that to happen while they are sure to still try without most of the character's chinese stereotypes, without spoiling the character's appearance on height and gender, without screwing him up again like they did in Iron Man 3 and not only will they need to have the powers of those rings done but also some magic based battle armor just like the one from Armored Adventures so that his battle with those rings against Iron Man look more reasonably realistic as well.

Don Cheadle as Col. James Rhodes/War Machine/Iron Patriot

Tony's best friend who occasionally helps him as War Machine/Iron Patriot will be sure to help him out on his mission to stop the Ten Rings.

Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts

Tony Stark's former assistant and girlfriend whose role in the movie is yet to be revealed

Michael Shannon as Ghost

An enemy of Iron Man with stealth technology, gadgets and martial arts skills that makes him a highly trained and very deadly assassin. In Iron Man 4 he will serve as the Mandarin's top hitman in the Ten Rings organization.

Evangeline Lilly as Wasp

While waiting confirmation for Lilly to be the Janet Pym/Wasp (as Hank Pym's daughter), Lilly was mentioned to make multiple film appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and as Wasp, her powers would make her a very suitable ally for Tony on his Bond like scouting missions in the film.

Paul Bettany as the Vision

With Paul Bettany confirmed to play the Vision in the Avengers Age of Ultron movie next year speculating that his original voice over character in the MCU Jarvis becomes the android, his computer/IT network interfacing, intangibility and molecular disruption powers would definately make him a very reliable ally to Tony on his mission in the film

Kim Kardashian as Sunset Bain
With Iron Man 4 planned as a James Bond like film, it does need women too like Kim Kardashian as Sunset Bain. Whether she'll be a villainess or a supporting character depends on what Marvel has in store for her.

Selena Gomez as Sasha (Mandarin's Daughter)

If there is anyway for Marvel Studios to ensure that the Mandarin will not be spoiled on his physical appearance and not get screwed up again like the last time in Iron Man 3, it would be to have someone included to help Iron Man convince the Mandarin to give up his life of sinister world domination after the armored avenger defeats him if he the real Mandarin is a real human being who gets the ten magic rings from a specific source of magic. Someone close to him like his daughter Sasha. In the comics, Sasha is the daughter of both the Mandarin and Justine Hammer who works with them in their sinister operations against Iron Man. But if she is introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe along with her father without the asian ethnicity, she wouldn't be a part of her father's sinister terrorist organization. She would appear as a normal and civilized human being hanging out with some friends. Reasons why is because of the three villains (Obadiah Stane/Iron Monger, Ivan Vanko/Whiplash, and Aldrich Killian/Firebrand) from the first three Iron Man movies were people connected to Tony who he also pisses off and kills which is getting too old, boring, and predictable so it would be best for the real Mandarin;s fate in the movie to differ than end up dead because we all want Tony that he is a really changed man, he not only has to defeat his next for which is the Mandarin for real this time, but to also get through to him on what must be kept the way it is and with Sasha being the daughter of Tony's greatest for, she would be needed to help him on that matter and doing so would also help bring out a specific point of view that would help make the 4th film's box office reach the billion dollar gross revenue streak proving those like Jon Favreau just how wrong he is on his doubt of having the Mandarin work right with the ten magic rings so it should be worth a shot if they're up for it.

Spider-Cross 03-28-2014 11:26 AM

Re: Best Specified Cast for Iron Man 4 and How it will be more Fun
now for the rest of the specified cast

Ty Sympkins as Harley

Jon Favreau as Happy Hogan

Ben Kingsley as Trevor Slattery (the fake but also failed Mandarin)

Scoot McNairy as Jackson Norris (Member of the Ten Rings loyal to the Mandarin)

If there is anyone who deserves to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's fourth Iron Man film with the Mandarin and his Ten Rings soldiers it's Jackson Norris because after seeing Soot McNairy on his performance in the Marvel One Shot for helping Marvel put an end to the irritating 9 month Aldrich Killian inconveniance by confirming that the real Mandarin is still alive, not yet introduced and real, McNairy is more than welcome to reprise his role in the fourth Iron Man film if all goes according to what is specified in this thread because we owe him that much for putting an end to this nine month nightmare

If anyone asks why I have decided to stop on betting Kingsley on becoming the actual ring powered Mandarin in future films depite the twist in Iron Man 3 it's because of the actor's resemblance to the Madarin in the comics I was too fond of that resemblance but now after seeing Sean Penn in two of the films he co-starred in, not only did he share a facial resemblance to both Ben Kingsley and the Mandarin in the comics but also his tone of voice sounds like Kingsley as the Mandarin in the first half of Iron Man 3 and after watching the Marvel One Shot "All Hail the King", that's when I realized that I have been such a fool betting on Kingsley to retake the title of the Mandarin. So that is when I realized that instead of wasting time being stuck on wanting Kingsley to become the actual Mandarin that we know from the comics, it's best to put our hopes onto having the character be properly reintroduced and portrayed be someone younger, taller and resembles both Kingsley and the Mandarin as well as having a similar tone of voice to pull off doing the real version of the Mandarin in the future Marvel Cinematic films.

Surely none of this has been confirmed yet but if some of you are right on all or most of my cast suggestions, feel free to help get this over to Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios while there is still time before anymore updates on the film is announced.

TheHeatKitchen 03-28-2014 02:28 PM

Re: Best Specified Cast for Iron Man 4 and How it will be more Fun
While I don't disagree with your casting choices, I want to see a simpler movie. I don't want that many people in it.

Give me the core cast, RDJ, Gwyneth, Cheadle, Bettany as Jarvis (if he's still around), Favreau.

Ken Wantanabe as Mandarin
Scoot McNairy as Norris
Sam Rockwell comes back as Hammer (broken out of prison to aid Mandarin)
And if you have a villain like Ghost, Ray Park.

Ant-manic 03-28-2014 05:15 PM

Re: Best Specified Cast for Iron Man 4 and How it will be more Fun
i'd rather see someone like Jackie Earle Haley, Matt Frewer, or Doug Jones as the Ghost.

Terrence Stamp should play Justin Hammer senior

Harry Dresden 03-29-2014 01:00 AM

Re: Best Specified Cast for Iron Man 4 and How it will be more Fun
Kim Kardashian in a Marvel movie?

C'mon now. :lips:

Spider-Fan 03-29-2014 06:50 PM

Re: Best Specified Cast for Iron Man 4 and How it will be more Fun
I skimmed that post. We honestly know nothing about the plans for IM4 at this stage, but some of those casting choices are awful. Kim Kardashian and Selena Gomez? Come on dude. They can't act at all.

I think that IM4 should deal with the REAL Mandarin. But, we also have no guarantee RDJ comes back for it (though he did say he was open to it). I'll be interested to see where the series goes from here.

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