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Default Re: Iron Man pics/covers

Originally Posted by Duncan MacLeod
The ones that I've seen have all been a dull olive green/grey. And the surface was covered with very fine pebbles. It felt quite different to the touch than blue or stainless steel.

What was the reason for parkerizing anyway? Beyond the obvious applications of a non-reflective surface I mean?
It really has nothing to do with the non-reflective property, though that sometimes is a side benefit.It is a protectact against deep metal corrosion. Yes, there is a very slight pebbling with parkerization. but if it visibly evident from around two feet, it was probably done improperly.
Any parkerized metal will react with cosmoline and turn green. It's kinda like how brass will get that "rainbow" patina on it if not cared for.
It's kinda like a penny or the Statue of Liberty. They are both made of copper, and both start out, well, copper colored. Weather, wear, corrosion turn them gree. The green is actually copper "rust".
However, Parkerized materials don't "rust" to green, they just kinda age to it.

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