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Default Re: I don't get the Wrath of Khan reference

I love Wrath of Khan. And as most Singer fans should know, Singer's a big star trek fan.

He even had a role in one of the next generation movies.

I know what he means by wrath of khaning it. More action. faster pace, possibly death of richard. This is all from Khan. And it's what he did for X2, he borrowed A LOT from Khan for that film. I finally noticed how similar they were when I saw khan and said "hey this is like X2... WAIT A MINUTE!"

Villain from the past wants revenge on an old friend/rival? check
Villain uses mind control methods to make characters do whatever he wants. Check
One of our heros sacrafices their life for the good of the many? Check.
Then you've got the x-men(Enterprise crew) being on the run from Striker (Khan)
Referrences to classic Liturature throughout the films.

Damn I love X2. It's a shame all we got as a sequel to it was Rush-men The Last Hour. People just don't know how good a Singer x3 would have been, I tell you...

But yes Singer's very much giving us a big hint here as to what to expect for a sequel IF he's coming back. And yes I think it might be a sly way of saying Zod, really the only one besides luthor who's an old enemy, will be the main baddy. I also think he plans to mirror Wrath of Khan much like he did in x2. Or it could just mean faster pace, and more action. I'm not saying he can't just mean that. I just read between the lines.

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