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Default Re: I don't get the Wrath of Khan reference

Star Trek II isn't just my favorite Trek film, it's one of my favorite films period. I noticed the similarities to Khan when watching X2 the first fact, at a screening of Khan last year in Santa Monica with director Nick Meyer in attendance, my friend asked him what he thought about Bryan Singer taking his ending for his own movie, to which Mr. Meyer just smiled and said "nice try".

And there are similarities between Superman Returns and Star Trek: The Motion Picture, although they are almost all superficial; Both films were almost a decade in development, and a lot of money was spent on many scripts that were abandoned; Both projects were started and stopped at least 3 or 4 times; Both movies were very expensive, and although they were both box office hits, they were percieved as not because the money they made barely covered costs. I'd say the only really big difference is that ST:TMP was not very well reviewed at all back in the day, where SR was mostly very well reviewed.

When Bryan Singer says the SR sequel is gonna be like ST II, I think he means only superficially. ST II was made for a fraction of ST:TMP's budget, re-using as many sets from the original film as possible ( A little bit of trivia for ya: So much money was spent on sets and props and models for ST:TMP, that not only were many re-used for ST II, but also ST III-VII, Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine. Paramount got nearly 20 years of use out of money spent on Star Trek: The Motion Picture ) I believe the Superman sequel is gonna be made for a fraction of Superman Returns budget, and they are gonna re-use as many sets as possible, and up the action just like ST II did. Unlike Star Trek though, I believe Bryan Singer will be back because he has more invested in the Superman franchise than ST:TMP director Robert Wise was in Star Trek. Robert Wise was never really a Star Trek fan.

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