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Default Re: I don't get the Wrath of Khan reference

Originally Posted by Weadazoid
I liked the motion picture... I thought it was very inteligently done with V Ger being an excellent concept

What you sya is boring I call visualy dynamic for the time some very trippy stuff

the realized Machine planet was so far ahead of it's time some trekies feel... that may have been the home world of the Borg...and interesting thought
a little late, but no worries. I like STMP. I never said it was a bad movie, but it is very slow, and at times pretty boring. It's the thinking man's star trek. However, when compared to it's sequel, it can definately be called a boring movie. STMP, relative to STII, is boring.

if STMP is to STII, and SR is to SRII, then I can't wait to see SRII. SR was by no means a bad movie, or boring. So if SRII is able to trump SR, as STII trumped STMP, the SRII is gonna be one badass mofo end all say all of superhero movies (if handled correctly of course and so many other cautions aswell).

oh, and just on the topic of STII: favorite 2 momments are 1) "Spock? 2 hours, are you ready?" and the whole sequence of Spock's death, from "ship out of danger?" to the revelation that Spocks photon tube had survived it's landing on Genesis. Both parts were so brilliant.

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