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Talking Re: I don't get the Wrath of Khan reference

Originally Posted by Weadazoid
Does Singer even know what he is really talking about? I just don't get it.. I know the whole someone that knows Superman and is from his past thing really spouted alot of this ZOd talk... but first of all it's a terrible idea..and really it aint like Wrath at all.

The thing that made Wrath so great was... the history that was created by the Show... Kahn was without a doubt one of Kircks greatest enemies and the plot they weaved around Khan to make mae him even more insane and out for Kircks blood was Dynamic.....

There is no TV show plot to draw from ..... so what you bring back Zod.... even though Zod died....something clearly very diferent from Khan who was left ona City Alpha that then became a wasteland.

Where is the mad revenge plot? Zod didn't have to suffer through anything he was made human and then frozen if anything.

So what Luthor goes back and gets Zods Body and somehow makes him Kryptonina again? But where is the need for Wrath???? where is the prolonged suffering?

Does Singer even know why the Wrath of Khan was so great???
What Singer means with the "Wrath of Kahn" is that he will bring back a major badguy from SUPERMAN's past... One we have all seen before, and who he will bring back once more because he cant come up with one single original idea for any of his movies... Still trying to copy Richard Donner with a 3rd rate cast...

So yes it's going to be ZOD since you know he only knows the Donner/Reeve movies, and doesnt know about the comic book universe their based on, and well yes ZOD was in number 2... How wacky huh!
He will be in both Donners number 2, and Singers number 2!

Hey Bryan can Dave Chappelle get Richard Pryors job in the 3rd flop you direct for the WB! He would rule that part son!

The WB are just all nuts allowing this fool to ruin the entire theatrical life of Superman because after this mess with SR, and the mess that will come in 2009 its going to be a LONG LONG time before we get a restart... IF EVER!

Don't think Jude Law will make this movie into a big blockbuster in 09 if he gets cast... Dude hasn't really had any major hits in the past, and he's a good actor, and all that jazz but he doesnt put butts on the seats.

Heck the BATMAN casting of Heath Ledger as Joker would go down as a better casting job then Jude Law as ZOD! Trust me on that one...

I mean he is a great actor, and he would be a nice fit into any Superman movie or any Superhero movie for that matter.

But seriously nobody wants to hear him say... Kneel before ZOD!

I mean please have some originality with the sequel I mean for godsakes man you already ruined part 1.. err 2.5?? Well were ever the movie fits into the Superman universe.

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