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Default Re: The Official Super-\S/equel MANIP Thread

Originally Posted by Apellation
Metallo should never be a main villain IMO, unless you are doing a Jon Byrne-esque Superman. In which case I wouldn't want that movie to be made.
I completely disagree. I think, that interperated the correct way, Metallo could be a great villain for a sequel.

What I always envisioned is that Lex Luthor cons John Corben into undergoing the procedure (Lex infects the convict with a deadly virus), telling him that it will save his life. Now armed with his weapon, Lex orders Metallo to get a sample of Superman's blood, for which Luthor would later use to create Bizarro for a later sequel.

Metallo, or at least the way I think he should be done, would be very similiar if not identical to his S:TAS counterpart. IMO, the Metallo depicted in that series was mentally unstable and capable of taking down Superman. However, you always had pity for Metallo, knowing that he was tricked into undergoing a procedure that stripped him of his humanity, taking away his senses.

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