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Default Re: Best Superman Movie

I still have to place STM at the top of the list, I think that movie came as close to capturing the essence of Superman's character as any movie ever has. I would have liked to have seen Donner explain more of the dynamics of young clark's relationship to Pa Kent. Still an incredible movie.

Now, Superman returns leapfrogged Superman II into the number two slot. I think that while Superman II has the action, Returns does a better job of teling it's story better, (even if Superman II's story is more exciting) and that makes it more intriguing to watch.

Now, if I were 13 or 14, there's no question, that Superman II would be at the top of my list. I still love watching that movie as an adult, I just wish it would have aged better.

Superman 3 and 4... I try not to think about too much.

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