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Default Re: THE MAN OF STEEL title for sequel??


It obviously can work. See The Man of Steel returns back to earth while, his enemy Lex Luther returned back to the Fortress of Solitude and carries an image crystal in the control panel. It combines together and it floats like a flying triangle. There it leads to the Paralled dimension from the Phantom Zone prison. It releases General Zod and his rulers and suddenly Luthor looks at Zod twice again. But Zod's crew pick up him and Kitty up as prisoners.

Zod had no waste of time for Luthor. Luthor tells Zod that the son of Jor-El has come back to earth. Zod, Non, and Ursa have to take the whole earth hostage again. This time, Zod has a new crew from the Phantom Zone and its not Non and Ursa.

They are Jak-El and Irva Jak-El was mentioned from the original Superman Script that he is a Prankster of Krypton casted to the Phantom Zone for intimidating the deaths of innocent people. The Villain laughs at the death of billions of people. Irva is Ursa's cousin she is a prisoner of argo city who was life sentenced to the Phantom Zone. By Kara's mother Allura. Irva is a foul idenity villainess trying to be somebody.

She also can be used for Supergirl's arch nemesis villainess enemy because, the origin was Lesla-Lar in Action Comics # 252

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