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Cool Q & A w/Louis Leterrier & Suggestions Box

I told you guys! Found him on myspace awhile ago but was waiting for an e-mail to confirm it was him. The profile kind of matched but there was no picture and he had nobody as far as "myspace friends" on his site. He e-mailed me back this morning and he seems pumped up. Here's the first e-mail from him:

Hey AD,

yep, it's me. Good to talk to you. I read you on the the various forums and I dig what you have to say about our project.
I saw Lou F at Comic-Con after I saw you guys and I think we're going to find something great for him to do this time.
I'll make sure to check my page to see if you (and others) have bits of good advice for me and I'll keep you updated when I find time.
First update: so far, so great. Marvel's hugely supportive (not kissing their butts at all, not my style) in wanting to make the best movie we can. Zak's on the screenplay and I think, no, I know that fans are going to be thrilled. I keep pumping his brain with "What if... that'd be amazing" ideas that I gather from all the Hulk comicbooks (Marvel gave us a package with copies of every Hulk comicbook every made... cool!). From what I gathered most people want (on the forums), we're on the right track. Great mix of action-adventure-fun-noir-horror. It the screenplay that never stops. We're going to have to fight with the MPAA about rating, that's how hardcore I believe it is.

Be good, be patient, I'm making this film for us all.

I then e-mailed him back to confirm if it was ok to reveal his site to everyone and if I could share the above e-mail, and also suggested he set up a group like Favreau did with message boards and told him how to do it...and here is what he sent:

go ahead, you can share it with the other guys and tell them not to be shy to voice out their wishes (and I totally understand their concerns).

Thanks for the tips on setting up the page. I'll get into it this week-end.

Talk soon.

So guys hurry up and join myspace if you haven't already and request for him to be your friend. His site is kind of plain vanilla right now but that should be changing too!

Louis Leterrier's myspace page: Click Here!

If the link above doesn't work go to my page (SEE MY SIG BELOW) and Louis is one of my top friends.


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