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Default Re: I don't get the Wrath of Khan reference

Originally Posted by Trooper
hes trying to tell us he wont go with the romantic bull**** and this time, he will go for a kick ass sci-fi movie which is mindblowing... kinda like wrath of khan, which lets admit, was a good movie when it came out.
Still is a good movie. And it was great because it was written by three guys who had no connections to Star Trek, watched it, and saw it's pure form and the things that made it work as they wathed all the episodes for the first time and got it. Then they translated that into the script. Acutally I believe they had 5 scripts and Meyer came on board, only thing he knew about Star Trek was it was that TV show with the guy with the big ears, and picked and choosed the things they liked out of the 5 scripts and congealed them into one. Then Shatner looked at it, as well as Nimoy, and they wanted some changes and Meyer took a few days and rewrote it and that was it. But it was a guy who did not know Star Trek that saved it, much like Puzo, Donner and Makelweitcz didn't know Superman avidly, but they did their research and got the character really well.

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