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Default Re: Create your own Batman villain

Court Jester - As the years passed, the fight between Batman and the Joker came to an inevitable end. It all stopped after the Joker had a time-bomb surgically inserted into his body. Setting the clock to three hours, he scoured Gotham looking for the best place to explode: a place where the Batman would have a hard time saving the thousands of people. Batman heard of the time-bomb, and decided there was nothing to do but take Joker up with him in the BatWing, high into the sky. There was no other option. Therefore, the explosion happened miles above the ground, killing both Batman and the Joker, finally balancing out the energies of good and evil in Gotham City... for a time.

Nightwing took on the persona of the Batman. He helped it so no one would draw the connection between Bruce Wayne's disapearance and the Batman being the BatWing when it exploded; so he made it appear like Batman had somehow survived.

Time is like a circle, and is not linear. So the same things arise, just in different forms. Harley Quinn gave birth to the Joker's child. For 18 years she trained him to be be like his father.

Therefore, giving birth to "The Court Jester." The grim smile is voluntary. The white skin is makeup. Taking after his father, the Court Jester proves to the new Batman that the Joker's legacy will live on forever and ever. Gotham City will never be free. There must always be the symbol of positive, and the symbol of negative.

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