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Default Re: Create your own Batman villain

Originally Posted by ultimatefan
If I were ever to be able to make a pitch to DC Comics, I´d love to create my own villain. It´s an idea I have thought about for a while...

Housewife - I always was fascinated by the concept of the puritan psycho, so I thought, all Batman villainess tend to be sexy femme fatales, what if one was the opposite of that? On the surface, the character would have the old-fashioned looks of a fifties, Father Knows Best kinda housewife... In fact, though, she´d be a dangerous and vicious killer with an obsession against the "moral decadence" of the new millennium. Her favorite targets would be people in the sex industry, controversial artists, rock bands, people who defend things like legalization of drugs, etc. She has this obsession with the "clean" sitcoms of the fifties that, in her mind, were the model of what society should really be. In fact, her mind was affected in such a way that she has become completely colorblind and the world is black-and-white like an old TV show in her eyes. Her favorite killing instruments would be things used in housekeeping, such as knives, cleaners, lownmowers, and of course guns, being a devoted NRA defender... Batman of course would be a target of preference, due to his "devil-like" symbology and her Frederic Wertham-like suspicions about him and Robin... She talks in old slangs like "swell" and has an obsessive-compulsive obsession with cleanness and organization, which is one of her achilles heels. The comic book cover with her first appearance would feature her wearing an apron covered in blood and holding a boner knife...
Who else thinks the Joker would take this ***** to the cleaners? She's everything he's not. His chaos would eat her alive, and he'd do it to spite her. Yeah...I'd like to see that.

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