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Re: Create your own Batman villain

Charley Boy (more of a villain for Robin than Batman): A highly inteligent inner city youth, Robert Coulter became obsessed with becoming one of the greatest criminal masterminds of our time. To this end, he took over a local street gang, the Khunds (with no relation to the alien race whatsoever besides the fact that they thought the name sounded cool), and took the alias of Charley Boy, which sounded to him like a suitible gang nick name. He then, slowly, began building power for the gang, until he became a viable threat for other criminal organizations. He then set plans into motion to gain the atention of Gotham's best and brightest and eliminate them. His first action was to order a hit on Jim Gordon, the now retired Comissioner. Meanwhile, to distract the Bat Family and the police department from investigating the threats on Gordon's life, he and his henchmen carried out several brutal murders to make it apear that a new serial killer is in Gotham. The press dub this ficticious killer The Turantula, due to his MO being to kill with spider venom. Then, he lures Robin into a trap by feeding him false information about a drug trade off. Robin is greeted by several well prepared thugs with guns and is captured. Evidence is set to make it apear that The Turantula has captured Robin, and Batman and the rest of the bat family falls into a trap aswell. Chalrey Boy's plan is to have his men kill Gordon, and then kill the members of the bat family and film it, showing that he most certainly means buisness to the other mobs by sending them tapes. However, Robin is at the time being held seperately from the others, and is rescued by Gordon, who was able to defeat and tie up his assassin and get information out of him. Gordon frees Robin, and the two of them free the others. Robin faces Charley Boy personally, prompting the would be Moriarty to escape. Charley Boy then returns home just in time for his mother to call him down for dinner, and plans his next scheme.

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