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Default Re: Official Contest of Marvels II Discussion Thread

From Wiegeabo concerning submitting your lists:

Couple of things about the draft lists. We've got 17 people, meaning 30 characters for each of us. If you're not going to have the full 30 characters, let me know when you submit your lists.

And no matter how many characters you want, your list should be at least 75-100 characters long at a minimum. Actually, a 150 character minimum would be better. But only if everyone submits a complete 512 list will we be sure everyone gets an equal number of characters (if that is the goal). And all your characters should be in order by how much you want them.

It's probably not necessary to say all that, but we had problems last year with people not understanding how draft lists work. So they made very short lists and didn't rank them in any particular order, meaning they didn't get characters they wanted and/or not very many characters.

I've got to look over the program this weekend. But since I don't think we made any changes to how the draft will be performed, it should be good to go. Which means anytime all the lists are in, we can get to drafting.

Just so everone knows, here's how the program works. It takes everyone's list and randomly orders them, keeping this order throughout the entire draft. When it looks at a list, it starts at the top and moves down until it finds a character no one else has. Then that character is added to your final list.

Now here's the tricky part. If your list is too short and all the characters in it are taken, then your done with the draft. The program will check your list, see no one is available, and skip over you. This means you can have fewer characters than others, and those with longer lists can end up with more characters. But, as Phaed said, the way to avoid this is just stick the rest of the characters you don't care about at the end of your list. If everyone has all 512 in their list, then we'll all get the same number of characters.

And a request on the draft lists: Make sure each character is on their own line, there are no numbers or anything other than the names, and there is no punctuation--parenthesis are ok, but spaces can especially confuse the program. What's most important is that every name on your list look exactly the same as it does on the master list because the computer won't be able to tell two characters are the same if any differences exist.

If I have time, I'll go through the master list and create a version that everyone can copy/paste from so the program can read it. Otherwise I'll at least put up a sample so Phaed or someone else can put together a program friendly list.

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