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Re: Create your own Batman villain

Again, this guy's more of a villain for Robin.

Velvet: Origionally, he was Frederick Tate. He lived a very sheltered life, as his parents homeschooled him and ddin't allow him to leave the house ever. Eventually, wanting to see the world, he ran away from home. Seeing the beauty of the world, he decided to indulge himself as much as possible. Basically, he's a nihilistic hedonist. He sees the world as the land of do-as-you-please, and thus, he does. He sees society and law and constructs made by fearful people, and thus has no regard for them whatsoever. Now, he's not a psycho killer or anything. However, he sees absolutely nothing wrong with doing anything. Genocide registers to him on the same level as going down town for a quart of milk. Thus, while he doesn't actively seek out to kill people and is not motivated by any form of sadism, he is perfectly willing to kill people to get what he wants and shows absolutely no remorse for it. Because he doesn't bother earning money to get what he wants, he's a chronic theif. Robin met him when he was holding up a convinence store. He escaped, and eventually formed a gang of others who share his philosophy on life. Some are murderous, some are greedy, and some are completely pacifistic. But all do as they please without any fear of the consequences. They live in a small commune in the park, and often run across the Boy Wonder when stealing food or whatever conveniences they desire.

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