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Default Re: Create your own Batman villain

heres mine

Dr.Orinn Fink

As a child he lived with his abusive drunk of a father considering his mother died giving birth to him. When he was younger he would get grades that got him just passing and his father would beat him for it. His father was once a dentist but lost his license for not using the right tools for dentistry, this drove him to drinking that and the death of his wife. But back to Orinn, because of him being abused he would always be amd and he bagan to take his anger out on small animals, when his father found out this just made him more abusive and he began to drink more, he would beat orinn with anything he could find and he would constantly blame Orinn's mother death on him and told him that he wouldn't amount to anything. this drove orinn mad and he decide to teach his father a lesson by cutting his brakes so it would seem as an accident when his father's car crashed, In the end it worked as his father was killed in a car accident the next day. he was sent to an orphanage at the age of ten and didn't really mind being there. Actually he ended getting better grades. As a teenager he was constantly picked on and beat up this lead him to his second murder. killing the school bully by making it look like a sucide, no ne ever found out. Even though he hated his father he loved his grandfather who was also a dentist so he became one, he was an outcast and this kept his mind somewhat twisted and one day he snapped while treating a patient in his personal office he began to pull out random teeth and and turtured by making him feel all the pain, he knew he would lose his license if anyone found out about this so so he cut the guys throat and buried his body in his backyard. this began a reign of murder and torture.

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