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Default Re: Best Superman Movie

Originally Posted by nogster
agree with your "camp" comment. but certainly not your illogicalities comment.
thats why SR was so dissapointing to me. that and piano boy.
its filled with silly plot devices that are illogical and contradictory to the film itself.
clark being away for 5 years and being able to instantly get his old job back.
lexs bone headed land plot. there is no logic to that scheme. an ugly kryptonite island that destroys half the usa, the ultimate terrorist act
aand lex thinks that people will buy it off him???
the 2nd reason that lex made the island was because supes would be helpless to stop him as he is powerless on it. yeah right. so powerless that he was able to actually lift this entire kryptonite island into space with a pure kryptonite shard in him......???yeah. real logical that is. and a total contradiction as he was helpless on that same island only moments before....
and the fact that superman lifting this massive island out of the ocean wouldve caused the mother of all tidal waves which wouldve washed metropolis away.....
i see plenty of illogicalities.
some people can overlook these. some cant. doesnt mean they are not there.

the film was a reimagining of the 1st movie with a child thrown in.
[bryan singers homage to his own adoption i would say].
my god. singer thinks he is supermans son.......
stay away singer. u had your chance. superman needs a director who understands the character and remains faithfull to him.
Let me put it this way, Superman never spun the world around to turn back time in SR. That's not an illogicality, that's an impossibility.

It's like a non-consecutive 24-hour dance party.
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