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Default Re: Maybe these fights could inspire Singer

Originally Posted by AVEITWITHJAMON
OOOOHHHHHHHHHH so what if he nver threw a punch, there are other action sequences than a fist fight you know. Catwoman, Elektra, Fantastic Four, X3, Blade:Trinity all had plenty of pucnhes thrown in them, but it didnt make them good movies did it?
Yeah,'re absolutely right.
Imagine a Superman movie with action scenes like: Supes stopping plane crashes, rescuing cats stuck in trees, taking out robbers, making sure the Daily planet Globe won't fall on helpless ppl on the streets, Supes stopping a car with no brakes...
These action moments all seem so exciting to!
But that's the kind of movie you'd see 5 times and love, right, kiddo?
And let's not forget the love part of the sequel. There has to be love in the air, so you can take your teenage girlfriend to see it and cry in front of her so she'll see what a sensitive kid you are.

What you seem to be forgetting, kiddo, is that I'm not defending a sequel with punches thrown throughout the flick, but rather a balance of a good story, which clearly SR doesn't have, and very exciting action with vilans like Darkseid, Metallo, etc...who could pose a physical threat to Superman.

Balance, kid, the word is balance.

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