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Default Re: Maybe these fights could inspire Singer

Originally Posted by dark_b
well if singer would needed another 50 milions for this action scenes than this is hes problem. please dont start me to talk about epic movies with great action and a smaller budget than 200 milions.

the money was not the problem.

money was not the problem
Singer was STUBBORN not to take notes from the comics, series, & animation... he was just stuck right there in his childhood love for the Donner Superman movies

Superman is very VERY dont need to go through many BS to make a good movie of it.... Singer thought he could capture a nostalgic 80's superman feel while injecting a little 21st century innovation....but the result was that it was a very VERY imbalanced, irregular, & just plain boring movie

Singer should stick to what he KNOWS....Star Trek... id hav faith in him making a ST movie, because he's a big fan of it.....

Singer is NOT a Superman fan. according to reports, he isnt even a fan of the comics. his love for Superman isnt very different different from how the girls back in elementary school loved Superman

(I'm a Filipino)
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