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Default Re: Maybe these fights could inspire Singer

Originally Posted by AVEITWITHJAMON
And you should know from that article about the friends and family screenings that Singer WANTED all of that as well as tidle waves, collapsing buildings, etc, but WB wouldnt pay for it.
Further proof IMO that a Superman movie can really be made using the Lucas approach of shooting witj just blue/green screens and a 200 million dollat budget.

I can understand WB logic here. AFter all , the higher the budget the lower you're profit will be. And with a 200 million budget already as well as the costs of the failed projects , they weren't about to give more cash to singer.

Why is it so difficult to do that. James Cameron is going to do the same thing with Avatar. Shoot almost the entire movie digital. You're spending the majority of of you're budget on VFX and that is what a superman movie needs. Massive VFX

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