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Default Re: Best Superman Movie

Originally Posted by lordofthenerds
More than that. Otis, Otisburg, Basically all the countries invented by Lex and Otis, the tin-foil Krypton costumes, young Clark all of a sudden becoming a flying Superman, "Can You Read My Mind?" scene, and even Superman's bright costume all seemed corny for my standards. Also I could point out quite a few very corny lines in the movie such as "Don't thank me officer, we're all on the same team" and "Don't look...just fly...something came up, I ain't telling what it is...just fly." That second line was more corny than it looks since the pilot sounded like a typical radio broadcaster from the 60's.
There's nothing wrong with some comedy in a Superman movie. There's plenty of serious moments to balance it all out.

And so what if the Krytpon costumes are made of tin foil or whatever? Big deal. Most of the time Superman's costume is made of spandex. Is tinfoil somehow less campy than spandex or something? lol It's not like it was plainly obvious.. and if I'm not mistaken, that's not tinfoil, that's some sortof reflective material.

What I say is, as long as the movie isn't making fun of the subject matter, I'm fine with it. It doesn't have to be dead serious all the time. Lighten up.

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