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Default Re: Is Robert Downey Jr. a good choice?

Originally Posted by HoratioRome
This is a perfect example of the powers that be (and the "fans") not understanding the character they are working with.
Can Rpbert Downey Jr. Act? YES.
Can he pull off the roll? YES
does he physically represent Tony Stark? the answer is NO.

Stark is a handsome, lady killer, rich playboy type in the vain of Howard hughes. Rpbert D. simply isn't that. he is not the "handsome" type. so regardless of his acting skill we are losing at least an aspect of Iron man from the start.
Furthermore, though a great and versatile actor, I've not seen him do any role which resembles what Tony Stark would act like. His actin g tends to be quirky or earthy, and that is not Tony Stark.
Tony is over the thop smooth, and cool, and confident, I've not seen that from RBJ.

given the many, many other choices they had, I can only say this is a bad start.
To go homosexual for a minute I think Downey is an attractive male. And going through a workout/diet program like pretty much all of these superhero leads do I think he will be just fine.

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