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Default Re: Is Robert Downey Jr. a good choice?

Originally Posted by dpm07
This is how I feel as well. Michael Keaton did an impressive job as Batman/Bruce Wayne when everyone out there said it was a bad move. Ironically, other than Christian Bale, I think Keaton was the best Batman.

RDJ is a very good actor. If he can channel his talent and not sabotage the movie with his personal issues and history of on-set antics, then I'd say we might have a very good Iron Man/Tony Stark.

I'm willing to give Jon Favreau a chance. The man is a good director, and does have a keen knowledge of comic books, superheroes in general, and Iron Man in particular. I think he knows what he's doing. I definitely have a lot more confidence in him than I did with Bryan Singer doing Superman.
keaton may have done well in that movie, but you can't deny that it changed bruce wayne's character. i love the first two keaton movies for batman, but they don't ever feel like it's REALLY batman, just like a movie. bale felt like batman.

same thing will happen with downey jr. he might have an oscar performance, but he still won't feel like iron man. he'll feel like some good actor telling you a story about iron man but not really fitting the character.

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