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Default Are there any good Marvel fan films?

After going on a Youtube search spree, I uncovered a wealth of (mostly recent) fan films that are of a highly impressive quality. Some, it would be for the costume design, for others it would be the scripts and creativity, and others still, for their faithfullness to the source material. While DC fan films seem to be abundant on any internet video site (Youtube, google etc), I have yet to come across any Marvel based fan films other than The Green Goblins Last Stand. And while i'll commend that movie for it's length and vehement adherence to the source material...there is no lie to be told, if one comes out and says that it is a pretty bad fan film. Sure it had stunts and music and elaborae locations...but the costume design is so poor for both the villain and the hero. The acting is mostly mundane or forced...and some of the camera positions are ackward. I understand that it is from a time when certain technology just wasn't available, but even that doesn't make me appreciate it more. The heart of the matter however, is that i'm looking for really great fan films, that are based on Marvel characters. Something with a quality similar to Batman Deadend, World's Finest or even Grayson (which is easily the poorest of those three trailers).

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