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Default Re: Is Robert Downey Jr. a good choice?

God, people. Just shut up and love ROBERT!
You know why he did all the drugs? you know why he sniffed cokecaine out of hookers asscrackers everynight? you know why? because he wanted to feel loved. Now he's finally seen the light and realized sniffing cocaine out of hookers *******s everynight is not the kind of love he was looking for. No, it was a dark swampy, mystic, drug fuled RAGE!!!1 But now that he has quit, you people still won't accept him. You point out how weather worn he is, and how..crappy he looks. Well, you don't think he doesn't notice everyday he wakes up and looks at his permanately hung over looking face in the mirror? oh, yes he feels it. So I say this to you brothers, and sistesr. Leave poor Downey alone.

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