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Default Re: Is Robert Downey Jr. a good choice?

Originally Posted by AnimeJune
Suspension of disbelief is one thing - tackiness is another. I HATED the X-men costumes, but I could suspend my disbelief so long as real people weren't wearing them. I mean, Sabretooth jumped around in a FUR-LINED LEOTARD! No way would I buy that!

Besides - the X-men movies weren't made only for comic-book fans, they were made for general audiences whose sense of disbelief is, shall we say, a little more discerning than you.

Designs could have been constructed that could have bared similar resemblences to the costumes in the comics tht could have looked very practical but no. What we got was a lazy-ass slap on the black leather design just because the general audience may find the idea of varying colour costumed schemes ridiculous in a comic book movie.
Better designs and varying colours do not have to be exact duplicates of the comics but that doesn't stop it from working well on screen.

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