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Default Re: PRETEND! It's a restart, name your dream CAST/DIRECTOR/COMPOSER

Originally Posted by Lionel Luthor
Really? I think he's a good actor but couldnt make it physically believeable.

He reminds me more of a Jimmy Olsen-type.
I know where your coming from, I debated with myself if he could physically look the role or not, and then I went and saw Half Nelson last weekend in which he had the darker hair and it was slicked back from time to time, and while his face is smaller than Reeve or Welling, it works. Gosling would have to wear his hair down as Clark Kent though, which Im not opposed to, my Clark would wear his hair down. Clark always should have worn his hair down, but thats a different conversation.

Gosling is a very slender man, and would need to gain about 25 pounds of muscle, and even then probably use a padded suit. Gosling stands 6'1, which is good enough in my eyes, and even then camera trickery could add a couple inches.

I'll admit that Im looking for acting chops, not looking to find some model turned actor to play Superman like most people on these boards. As an actor, I feel Gosling would do for the role of Superman, and in particular Clark Kent, what Christian Bale did for Batman.


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