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Default Re: PRETEND! It's a restart, name your dream CAST/DIRECTOR/COMPOSER

Man Of Steel


Superman/ Clark Kent : Seann Gallegher . He's unknown in America , but I think he has the qualities on Nobility and Vuneriblity to play Superman.

Lois Lane : Heidi Mueller. She's a daytime soap actress who reminds me of Hacther and Kidder.

Lex Luthor : Billy Zane

Jor El : Anthony Hopkins . I've thought about a young Jor El but I think Hopkins has the wisdom and the authority needed for the part.

Brainac : William Fichtner

Johnathan Kent : Terry O'Quinn. He's the resident sage on Lost and he's just the kind of guy who could inspire Clark to to great things

Martha Kent : Sela Ward

Perry White : Tommy Lee Jones.

Jimmy Olsen : Adam Brody

Lana Lang : Melinda Page

John Cordan / Metallo : Matt Damon (Yeah , I saw the Departed . I've previously thought of English actors in this role but I kinda like the idea of an actor like Damon playing it . We know that he can do action from the Bourne films . He can play a charming guy or a relentless killer)

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