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Default Re: Casting for She-Hulk

Originally Posted by Hypestyle
hmm... I'll wait until this next Hulk movie comes out first.. a She-Hulk would have to be handled very carefully.. Ideally, she hulk would not be CGI, but a real person, just green. At the same time, she'd have to be muscular like a female bodybuilder, but not ultra-bulky-- still sexy. At the risk of disaster, the ideal physical type would be a female wrestler from WWE-- but-- of course, the person needs to be able to "ACT" and emote.. on the flip side, the Jennifer Walters would have to be a very normal size, if not petite, woman. I don't think it would work to have the same actress play both roles.
I agree on the no CGI for she-hulk thing, but just a buff woman painted green wouldn't do it IMO. You'd need to use forced perspective like they did in LOTR to make her seem the right height. I think that would work best. Of course then you'd need CGI for some of the tricky shots but the main part would be FP.

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