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Default Re: PRETEND! It's a restart, name your dream CAST/DIRECTOR/COMPOSER

If I were doing the movie: First I like to say that it would be an orgin film because I didn't much care for the orginal orgin movie. It would have a Lex Corp owning Lex Luthor and he would not being an idiot who works with even bigger idiots. He would be a hansome smart rich bastard who is calm cool and collected. Clark wouldn't be a really nerdy goofball, he would just be a normal unasuming guy. Lois would have lots of spunk but still be lovable and Jimmy would be a moderen nerdy type kid (no bowtie maddness) who looks up to Clark. The movie would be set in the now and would have a 160million dollar budget. The story wouldn't be about any lame ass land deals. I don't know what it would be about exactly but Metallo would be in it so Superman could really (finally) get down with a powerful supervillain. The tone would be light but serious, like the first Spider-Man movie.

My Cast and Crew:


Superman/Clark Kent/ Brandon Routh (I'd give him another go, honestly he wasn't the problem)

Lois Lane/Kirsten Bell (Watch Veronica Mars on the CW and see that this talented actess was born to play a younger Lois)

Lex Luthor/Wentworth Miller (I'm not really sure about this one but I think that he would be interesting, if I think of somebody else I'll change it though.)


Director:Gullimero Del Toro (I don't think that he would ever do it but I am making a movie that won't ever exist aint I?)

Composer: James Newton Howard (I know he did Batman Begins but I love his work so much (mostly on M-Night films) that I just had to pick him)

The release date would be in May and it would have a cool action filled trailer.

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