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Default Re: The Official Super-\S/equel MANIP Thread

Originally Posted by Lightning54SC
ok use your imagination...
do i know what brainaic or what the villain will look like? NO.... i made an assumption and ran with it ..... ive had more praises.... out of 450 views you the onlyone who thinks otherwise.... remember im limited with programs and clips....

id like to see what youd come up with... please go out and try thats all i ask
does that make my opinion wrong?

wait, opinions cant be wrong! They're limited in correctness to the person putting them forward, so that is an invalid point.

In terms of using my imagination, i shouldnt have to. If you're going to do something, then you should make it such that the viewer will clearly recognize what it is. Find a b-movie android, something, anything, that I won't automaticly recognize as the terminator.

And ive already posted my trailer... read the thread before commenting on what has and hasnt been posted.

Lastly, you don't "have praises", you "recieve praise".

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