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Default Re: Contest of Marvels II Thread 2

Originally Posted by Phaedrus45

Match 1:

Blink - Exiles (HELLSTORMER) bio


Fenris (AHURA MAZDA) bio

Hello to all....

First of all, let me give a little background on Fenris. He is an Asgardian monster destined to eat Odin. He is invulnerable and strong enough to go toe to toe with Thor. He can shape-shift into any form or grow to any size as well even though his favourites are his humanoid wolf form and his gigantic wolf form. In his humanoid wolf form he has a hammer forged by Surtur in the shape of a Tooth. Ok so obviously in a fistfight Blink stands no hope of surviving…..but then again Blink is unlikely to go toe to toe with an Asgardian monster.

Now even though Blink has extensive teleportation powers and she has a good mastery over these powers, she would not be able to defeat a monster that puts the fear in all the Asgardian’s hearts. This creature is invulnerable and immensely strong, plus he has a hammer which could create a shield to prevent anything happening or hitting him....and by anything I mean

The way I see this fight going is either Fenris blasts Blink using his hammer or uses an Area of Effect attack destroying the whole area they are in. Or Fenris could just grow to a size to take up the whole of the blue moon area crushing her as she could not teleport herself into space not being able to breathe there.

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