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Default Re: Contest of Marvels II Thread 3

Originally Posted by Phaedrus45

Match 1:

Emplate (AHURA MAZDA) bio


Morph - Exiles (HELLSTORMER) bio

Emplate is a mutant vampire. He sucks the powers of a mutant with the aid of vampiric mouths in the palms of his hands turning them into his slaves. While in this plane of existence he can remain unsynched with our reality so as to be invisible. He can also see a mutant's "aura" and tell various things about him or her by that.

Emplate is unsynched with this reality meaning Morph cannot even touch him. However, as soon as emplate gets a hold of morph which he can do capturing Morph unaware. He can duplicate his powers meaning he can shape himself into anything against a Morph that will have been weakenned. Of course, Morph could still use his power but he would be weakenned and battling a creature that can teleport and unsynch himself from reality making it impossible for Morph to do anything to harm him. However, Emplate who would gain an understanding of Morphs' strengths and weaknesses through his vampiric touch and would be able to use that information as well Morph's own powers effectively defeating him. In addition, there is a possibility that Emplate can transform Morph into a vampiric creature like himself who would be subject to Emplate's whims.

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