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Default Re: Contest of Marvels II Thread 4

Originally Posted by Phaedrus45

Match 1:



Heimdall (AHURA MAZDA) bio

Heimdall is a God of Asgard. He serves at the gates as a guard. His senses are such that he can hear sap running through trees miles away from him. His vision is also of similar standard. Obviously, he can sense where Nova is at any time. Heimdalll is also a consummate warrior with skills he has honed over Millenia.

Nova is not as strong and certainly does not have the skills of an Asgardian God.

Heimdall could avoid any attack from a long distance as he will be able to hear it or see it from miles away using his Asgardian superhuman speed to avoid it. This Nova also does not have the mastery of the Nova from Annihilation so he cannot use his powers to the utmost potential whereas Heimdall has thousands of years of experience behind him.

In summary, Heimdall's senses will allow him to avoid any attacks by Nova while surprising Nova with his superiour Asgardian strength and speed.

On a side note, Heimdall was once inhabited with the Odin force which shows how noble and skilled a warrior he was. Otherwise, Odin would have never passed it onto him.

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