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Default Re: Contest of Marvels II Thread 4

Originally Posted by Phaedrus45

Owl (TRIGGER) bio


Arkon (KYTRIGGER) bio

While not as powerful as some characters, Arkon easily has enough power and ability to take out Owl.

One of Owl's main advantages over his foes is his intelligence. He is rather crafty, but so is Arkon. Arkon is from Polemachus, which is an alien planet that loves nothing more than war. Since his birth he has been schooled in the tactics of battle and has exceeded every other Polemachian in the art of combat. Simply put, since his birth, he has lived and breathed all the various types of warfare, including one-on-one matches.

Besides his excellent knowledge of battle, he also has a formidable weapon in his lightning bolts. There are 3 kinds. One teleports whomever it hits to a different place, the other two are explosives. The weaker explosives is like being hit with 10 pounds of TNT, which is more than deadly if it hit Owl. It has even knocked Thor to the ground before (although it didn't hurt him, just knock him off his feet). The final arrow is much more powerful and is the equivalent of 20 tons of TNT. Enough to shatter a small mountain.

The only advantage Owl really has in this fight is that he can glide, but that's it. Also, he can't fly, only glide for about a block. He could probably dodge some of Arkon's arrows for a bit, but eventually, he will glide back to the ground where any dodging advantage he had will be gone. Also, even if Owl does have the slightest advantage in mobility, he has no long ranged attacks to use against Arkon. He would still have to fight him hand-to-hand and Arkon is considered the greatest warrior of his entire planet and is physically stronger than Owl.

Another thing to note is that while villians usually have a slight edge since they are willing to kill (unlike heroes), this is not Arkon's case (if he can even be considered a hero). On more than one occassion he has tried to destroy Earth to save his planet. While he did try to destroy Earth with noble intentions, it still shows that he has no problem with actually killing people in battle.

All of this adds up to a pretty one-sided match where Owl might be able to dodge Arkon's blasts for a little while, but would eventually fall to Arkon.

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