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Default Re: Contest of Marvels II Thread 3

Speed Demon Vs. Psycho Man:

As stated in his biography, "Psycho-Man has great intelligence and mathematical genius, as well as extensive knowledge of technology far in advance of present-day Earth's." This gives Psycho Man an instant advantage over Speed Demon. As The Blue Side of the Moon has been home to a variety of races, including The Inhumans, Uatu, and the Kree, much of their technology would be left over for Psycho Man to use at his disposal. Speed Demon, on the other hand, just runs fast.

In fact, let's look at Speed Demon's bio:

"Speed Demon can move at superhuman speed. He can run at 160 mph and his reflexes are four times greater than a normal human being."

First, SD isn't fighting a normal human being. SD is fighting someone who has a variety of "armor and weapons. He has sometimes stated that he derives power from the emotions he causes, like a psychic vampire. He recently gained some of the powers of his Control Box, as well as the ability to generate solid energy forms to give substance to his illusions." These manipulations on people are so intense, they can "trigger three emotional states: Fear, Doubt, and Hate...The intensity can range from mild to extreme causing hallucinations and even death."

Psycho Man will not fool around, and has been able to detect superhumans in the past. He would prepare his armor to detect Speed Demon, and with his weapon (and, even the powers he has since possessed), fill the area with fear and doubt, easily making Speed Demon succumb to his deepest fears, of which a constant loser like he will have plenty.

This is not a match that will require hours of would be finished in meer minutes. Psycho Man has gone against the best, usually never to be captured. Speed Demon would simply be a warm-up for his future battles.

Winner: Psycho Man

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