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Default Re: Contest of Marvels II Thread 3


My opponent gives Speed Demon way too much credit than he deserves. He claims that SD "moves faster then the speed of sound." In fact, as I pointed out above from the bio located at here, Speed Demon can only travel up to 160 mph. Plus, he says he will be using "knives" to cut up Psycho Man's armor. I would guess since Psycho Man hasn't really sustained a large amount of damage to his armor in his battles with the Fantastic Four, that "knives" will not do the trick. Finally, Psycho Man CAN detect where Speed Demon is coming from, and doesn't need to have his weapons "latch onto James Saunders." This isn't a ray gun, it emits it's powers over a general area. It's more like a wave of fear, doubt and panic....enough to make Speed Demon die of fear, if he makes it powerful enough.

Winner: Psycho Man

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